FLICKER VR - Lead Producer

Flicker is a 1v1, Asymmetrical VR vs PC game with a horror element to it. With nothing but a lighter and throwable objects, a Mortal (VR) must find a way to escape the room. Meanwhile the Ghoul (PC) will stalk, hunt, and haunt in this spooky and couch-petitive game.

Scales of Honor - Project Manager

An animal-themed, tactical 2D top down shooter focused on resource management and strategic approach to battle. Prove that you are a true patriotic, one-army animal of this country as you fight the would-be tyrant who wants to conquer it, and find your confidence along the way. In Scales of Honor , the Player takes control of Private Pangolin, who must face the loyal soldiers of the mighty Komodo Commando and stop them before they leave the base and begin their military coup. To do so, the Player has to pick up weapons, and fight Commander Komodo’s troops. They can use three different weapons: Pangolin’s claws, guns, or explosives. They also have to navigate the many areas that compose the base, so they’ll need to find keys of various types and locate the objectives.


Visual Effects

Visual Effects are created by using Unity Particle System and Visual Effect Graph

3D Modeling